Quantum Insights is an Information Technology consulting firm with a focus on Advanced Analytics and Emerging Technology. Quantum Insights acknowledges that the rise of Big Data and analytics, alongside emerging technologies such as blockchain and Internet of Things, will dictate the future of business.

We aim to bring our knowledge of these technologies to our clients so we can empower their business, push the limits of the possible, and elevate the future.

Quantum Insights' Impact on the Community

covid 19

Generating Insights on COVID-19 Using Advanced Analytics

Quantum Insights helped stand up the largest collection of harmonized COVID-19 patient data in the United States. Our data scientists used this collection of data to provide insight on the pandemic to the public, including the US Government. Learn more about the initiative here, and view data summary visualizations here.

Cloud Environment for Rare Diseases

Creating a Collaborative Cloud Environment for Rare Diseases

Siloed data and analytics environments is one of the biggest hinderances on advancing medical research. Our team was able to address this, by creating a collaborative analytics environment for rare disease research. Learn more here.

Drive Medical Research

Utilizing Emerging Technologies to Drive Medical Research

Many researchers have difficulty understanding the process from drug discovery to deployment. Our team created an interactive map to streamline the process for new and existing medical research institutions. View the tool here.


Clients who trust us

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