What We Do

Quantum Insights focuses on working with clients with emerging technology. The technologies that the Quantum team works with includes, but is not limited to:


Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Cloud Technology

Quantum Insights also provides a variety of other IT services in order to provide a holistic service and experience for our clients:




Project Management

Why Quantum Insights

When you work with Quantum Insights, you get a team with years of experience with a variety of new and emerging technologies dedicated to working with you. Our team is passionate about helping your business succeed, and with pushing technology and their uses to new heights. When you work with Quantum Insights, we strive to empower your people, your business, and your success.

Recent Experience

Quantum Insights and COVID-19 Analytics

Quantum Insights is assisting a Government healthcare organization to create a Centralized collection of COVID-19 related data and datasets. Quantum Insights is also assisting in the effort to create an environment to enable data scientists perform analytics on the data, as well as perform analytics on the data. Quantum Insights has created a dashboard using publicly available datasets and analytical tools to allow US citizens track COVID-19 confirmed cases and deaths at a local level. This dashboard can be viewed here.

Healthcare Blockchain Project

Quantum Insights was tasked to design and develop a scalable blockchain application using Hyperledger Fabric to track the list of users, their access and any modifications made to large, medical data files.

Healthcare Cloud Development

Quantum Insights is working alongside a variety of organizations to design a cloud storage and analytics platform, as well as standards for data to be placed on that platform, that accommodates the needs of all participating organizations.

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